The Beginning...

As a recoginsed and fully qualified Yoga Teacher, Coach and Fitness Professional, I am here to help my clients explore their mind, body and soul. 

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, and to self”

My aim is to deliver Mindful Movement Classes in a variety of settings such as mainstream & special educational needs schools, well-being centres, and individual sessions, to ensure my clients are receiving a personable & relaxing service. My practice aims to instil much needed peace and tranquillity in day to day life and to promote the need for a connection with our inner selves.

I aspire to bring people together creating a greater bond between families and the wider community, while encouraging creativity and addressing social, emotional, environmental and physical topics. I strive to help people and family’s improve their overall well-being providing tools that can be used throughout life.



Designed for you

When you join my class, I will address your strengths and needs individually and lead you in the right direction to reach your goals whatever they may be.


Exploring Our True Essence 

A Flow for All Levels. The Womens Only Classes provide a safe space for you to let go and enjoy the benefits of flowing through poses, harnessing the breath and turning your focus to your inner body. Nourishing your Mind, Body and Soul. 


Strengthen the Bond

These classes are a truly magical time for both parents & kids. Its a time for you both to explore your bodies further together, while having fun and letting go harnessing the power of play. Our imaginations will run wild as we travel and co create magical journeys together, while learning along the way.


"Log Out, Shut Down, Do Yoga"

Tailored made classes and workshops that welcome a much-needed break from the stress and speed of day to day life. Grab a mat, don’t forget your water bottle, and relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centred and renewed.


"Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self awareness and strengthening their bodies"

These wonderful classes are taught in a creative, loving and non-competitive way, which encourages teamwork and helps find inner peace and a sense of self worth. They are fun, active and calming. Skills taught during the session have incredible impact outside & inside their classes, at home and in the community. Children begin to learn techniques such as how to self regulate behaviour, they gather essential tools which can be drawn upon throughout life. 


Connect From Anywhere

Sometimes in busy times we do not have the opportunity to head to a class in person, that does not mean you cannot experience the benefits of a teacher where ever you are.





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