I really look forward to Rebecca’s yoga sessions. It’s an important part of my fitness routine. 

She’s a great teacher and gives off a positive vibe. She also knows how to push individuals to their potential. 

Meherun Hamid

I was searching for some form of movement or exercise as I had aches and pains in my back. Once I joined yoga with Rebecca I knew it was something I had to commit to. The sessions felt like a complete moment, where each of my limbs engaged through mindfulness and stretching. I never knew the affect of breathing and posture, and after an hour of yoga without any religious context I would open my eyes feelings fresh and rejuvenated. I would definately recommend yoga not just as a form of exercise but as a practice for all to pause and have a think about our bodies and what they go through daily

Mariyah Chaudery

Rebecca is a great Yoga Teacher. She is very patient to explain and guide you to enter to the postures correctly.
I love how I come away from the class feeling relaxed and stress free.

Haleema Hussain


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